Sustainability at weiler

Energy-efficient precision lathes: Up to 85 % reduction in stand-by power consumption

Through the conservation of resources during production and saving of energy during everyday operation, WEILER precision lathes are particularly energy efficient. This concept of sustainability accompanies the machine throughout its complete lifecycle – from production through operation to final recycling. All machines are designed to provide easy setup and maintenance. And the innovative “e-TIM” energy conservation system can, for example, reduce the stand-by power consumption of a large, powerful cycle-controlled lathe by up to 85 percent.

“e-TIM“ – intelligent threefold energy conservation system

“e-TIM“ monitors and controls energy consumption with three functions:

1. The drive management system permanently feeds braking energy back into the power grid.
2. Ancillary devices that are not required for machining are automatically switched off.
3. When the machine comes to a standstill, the machine changes into the standby mode when a previously defined period has elapsed.

Energy-efficient production at WEILER:
CO2 emission reduced by a third

  • Energy is produced by a photovoltaic system on the roof of the assembly shop.
  • The excess heat of a biogas plant is fed into the heating system.
  • Since 2005, CO2 emissions during production have been reduced by a third.

Results achieved so far:

CO2 emissions reduction from the company:– 35 %
CO2 emissions reduction from the fleet: – 22 %

Thanks to successfully implemented projects, WEILER machine tools was in a position to achieve a

  • Reduction of energy costs and a
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions

that already far exceed the average industry results.

The average annual CO2 emissions were reducedby more than 35 % from 1,300 tonnes in 2005 to an equivalent of 840 tonnes in 2013.

The areas of heating (-31%) and photovoltaics (-4%) considerably contributed to this achievement.