service at weiler

Commissioning and training

  • Technical advice and comprehensive support during and after the machine purchase
  • In-house training centre to keep you up to date with the latest technical developments. We, of course also offer on-site field training classes.
  • Commissioning and initial training by our specialists on-site

Programming support

  • Expert support for all questions relating to our controllers and software
  • Assistance with specific programming issues
  • Optimisation of your production process through time per part calculations

Repairs and spares

  • Extensive repair and spare part service
  • Fast remedial maintenance through our team of experts
  • Spare part supply for decades
  • Fair prices
  • Retrofits to ensure compliance with the latest safety requirements (machine directives)

Maintenance contracts

  • Maintenance at predetermined intervals
  • Reduction of unscheduled downtimes
  • Verification of the machine geometry and, where necessary, correction of time and usage related wear
  • Test certificate with attained accuracy measurements
  • Recommendations for the exchange of consumables and spare parts

Machine accessories

  • Expansion of the capabilities of your WEILER precision lathe through an extensive range of accessories (e.g. tool systems, driven tools, clamping devices, digital readouts etc.)
  • Comprehensive advice


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Fax: +49 9101 705 108