WEILER Precision Lathes: Lathes Made in Germany.

Whether for industry, craftsmanship or training: WEILER stands for highest quality in metalworking for lathes for over 80 years – Made in Germany. More than 160,000 lathes have left our main plant in Northern Bavaria meanwhile and are in use by customers all over the world. We are one of the most renowned suppliers of machine tools throughout Europe, as well as one of the very few manufacturers of lathes that are run as a family company.

In zwei Segmenten behaupten wir uns seit vielen Jahren als Marktführer im deutschsprachigen Raum und an der Weltspitze: bei konventionellen Drehmaschinen, also per Handrad bedienbaren Drehmaschinen, und bei zyklengesteuerten Drehmaschinen. Bei diesen Zyklendrehmaschinen steht dem Anwender eine Reihe von Bearbeitungsschritten, die „Zyklen“, zur Verfügung. Sie erleichtern die Metallbearbeitung deutlich und ermöglichen ein schnelles und präzises Arbeiten.

  • die Einzelteilfertigung
  • das Drehen von Bauteilen für Kleinserien
  • die Reparatur von Werkstücken
  • die Instandhaltung
  • die Berufsausbildung und die berufliche Weiterbildung

WEILER-Kunden stammen alle aus der Metallbearbeitung, kommen allerdings aus den unterschiedlichsten Branchen. Denn nachgefragt werden unsere Drehmaschinen überall dort, wo großer Wert auf exakt bearbeitete Werkstücke gelegt wird.

Eingesetzt werden WEILER Drehmaschinen beispielsweise

  • in der Optikindustrie
  • in der Erdölindustrie
  • in der Pumpenindustrie
  • in der Hydraulikindustrie
  • im Werkzeugbau und im Formenbau
  • in der Medizintechnik
  • in der Energietechnik
  • im Flugzeugbau
  • in Schulen, betrieblichen und überbetrieblichen Lehrwerkstätten und in Ausbildungszentren

Lathes from WEILER are premium class products “Made in Germany”.

Each WEILER lathe features excellent characteristics:

WEILER Drehmaschinen werden in Emskirchen gefertigt

A lathe from WEILER is a real branded product from Germany.

That is what our good name stands for. As we manufacture all lathes ourselves. Therefore, all production steps are in our hands and are monitored by us.

WEILER Drehmaschinen liefern stets höchste Präzision

A lathe from WEILER offers maximum machining precision.

You can rest assured that each WEILER lathe exceeds the standard for toolmakers accuracy.

A lathe from WEILER is particularly durable

The stable and robust machine structure of every lathe includes the machine bed, slide and headstock made of gray cast iron. This guarantees consistently high accuracy over the entire life cycle.

A lathe from WEILER is easy to use.

Our lathes are made from experienced practitioners for practitioners. Our over 80 years of experience in lathes can be found in every detail. You will notice this e.g. in the ergonomics of our machine tools. From the user-friendly arrangement of the handwheels, the intuitive operation of the software and touchscreens, to the good view of the slide, tool holder and workpiece, to the easily accessible work area.

WEILER Drehmaschinen können einfach kundenspezifisch konfiguriert werden.

WEILER lathes are designed particularly for your requirements.

Our lathes are already available as standard versions in numerous variants and sizes. The broad range of accessories facilitates configuration for a wide variety of purposes.

WEILER Drehmaschinen sind führend in Ausbildung und Fortbildung

WEILER lathes are leaders in vocational training.

WEILER is the only manufacturer in Germany that produces high-quality lathes in Germany for training in metalworking. For more than 80 years, our lathes have been highly valued by trainers and teachers who have often learned on a WEILER lathe themselves. Participants also compete on WEILER lathes at national and international junior competitions such as WorldSkills Germany, AustrianSkills, SwissSkills and, since 2013, the WorldSkills World Championships (in Leipzig, Abu Dhabi, Kazan). We are leaders in vocational training

Schneller und kompetenter Service – weltweit für WEILER Drehmaschinen

Maintenance and service: our employees take care of it.

For each WEILER lathe we provide a fast and qualified service which is appreciated by our customers. Additionally, to the employees from the main plant in Emskirchen, a global service network takes care of the repair of lathes and maintenance work. This also contributes to extend the life expectancy of a WEILER lathe.

Spare parts for your WEILER lathe are available for decades.

You can rest assured: even if you have been using your WEILER lathe for many years, you will get the proper spare part if required.