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WEILER Service provides so much more!

Apart from selling machine tools, WEILER also offers lifetime servicing:

• When making a purchase this includes adaptations to fulfil your requirements
• Servicing using WEILER’s precision check
• Partial and general refurbishments (retrofitting) or new investment

Here are a few reasons why you should give some thought to partial or general refurbishments (retrofitting)?

The demands on machine tools are changing over time. This can involve the area of machine safety, productivity or new tasks. Conventional machine repair only meets some of your geometry-relevant requirements on the machine.

• You are fed up with emergency repairs?
• You are currently not in a position that allows you to invest in new machines?

Our Servicedepartment will be happy to advise you as to how to get the most out of your “old” WEILER yet.

What does WEILER have to offer?

Thanks to its large store of spares and in-house manufacture, Weiler can restore original parts or perform upgrades.

• Stock-taking and assessment of your “old” machine
• Stock-taking
• rework or replacement of all relevant key components
• Regrinding and hardening of all bed guides
• Regrinding of all bed guides and cross slide guides
• Restoring or reworking of all gibs and retaining fixtures
• Reworking of entire headstock unit (main spindle, shafts, gearing and bearing)
• Reworking of tailstock unit
• Replacement of all axes, ball-type linear drives incl. bearings bearings
• Replacement of any movable cables and tubing in the machining area
• Replacement of all rotary switches, toggle switches and limit switches
• Inspection of all electric motors and replacement as needed
• Controller upgrade or replacement as needed
• Repainting upon customer request
• Provision of further options, accessories etc., upon customer request

So what do you get?

All tasks involving the re-assembly or reconstruction are performed in accordance with the acceptance protocol as per DIN 8605/06 or DIN 8605/07 (dependent on machine type).

Moreover, all newly installed parts and the associated work are covered by a 12-month warranty.