WEILER understands the job.

Combining decades of experience with the preservation and expansion of knowledge has made WEILER “fit for industry”. This ensures that the machines and solutions provided by WEILER help strengthen the competitive advantage of their customers from day one. WEILER understands and masters industry-specific challenges.

Crude oil

WEILER precision lathes, like the E150, are used for machining drilling pipe segments among other applications.


WEILER V90 4-way precision lathes can handle the manufacture of drive shafts for ship propellers, for example.

Wind power

Wind turbine gear shafts: these are machined using WEILER precision lathes.

Medical sector

Surgical precision screws are made to extreme accuracy at optimum efficiency using CNC-controlled lathes of WEILER’s DZ-Series.

WEILER has been able to acquire a broad scope of knowledge based on more than eight decades in the business. Regardless of what it is that WEILER customers produce, whether the task involves training, the industry, prototyping or maintenance: WEILER always delivers compelling and superior solutions.

Traning, industry and craft workshops

Supplier to the industries


Components for electric motors

Steam turbine

Medical sector (ceramics for x-ray imaging)