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WEILER Germany

All WEILER precision lathes are produced in Germany at the headquarters in the northern Bavarian town of Emskirchen, near Nuremberg. In addition to sales, administration, research and development, production and assembly, WEILER has its own air-conditioned measuring laboratory for quality control as well as paint shops and shipment facilities at this site. This means that WEILER is in complete control of all production steps and can, therefore, ensure that their high quality standards are consistently maintained.

WEILER Czech Republic

WEILER acquired the site in Holoubkov near Plzeň /Czech Republic as a strategic supplier in 2000. As a successor to the Maschinenfabrik Max Hopfgärtner that was founded in 1840, this is one of the oldest machine tool manufacturers in Europe.


The continuous expansion and steadily increasing demand in the USA and Canada led to the foundation of the WEILER North America Corporation in 2006 in Charleston. This subsidiary streamlines WEILER’s access to its customers and speeds up spare parts supplies and service.