WEILER education 4.0

Teaching concept for specific instruction and training on lathes

Imparting individual learning content in line with didactic methodical principles using WEILEREDUCATION4.0 .

In cooperation with Maschinenbauschule Ansbach and ZF Schweinfurt, Weiler has developed a teaching concept for learning to work with lathes.

For all areas of training, WEILER offers the matching package. Virtual learning content for auditoriums and training facilities, or directly at the machine.

  • Specific training for your company
  • Open system for your own learning content
  • Machines with special equipment for training facilities

Digitalized training machines

to accommodate a modern learning environment for training in line with Industry4.0.

Individual learning

Learning content for use in a classroom or a lecture hall. Mobile learning inside and outside of the training facility.

Machine accessories

GS certified accessories for training

EDUCATION4.0: Digitalised machines for training

The full package including the machine and WEILEREDUCATION4.0 and numerous features.

  • A large 19″ WEILER touch screen for an improved overview and split-screen operation.
  • Incorporate the machine like any other workstation PC into the customer’s network.
  • Virtualised training elements for initial instruction or advanced students.
  • WEILER eLISSY for various access authorisations adapted to the knowledge base of the apprentice.
  • WEILER Condition Monitoring WCM
    analysis and troubleshooting using simulated malfunctions
  • StatViewer
    monitoring machine parameters, viewing machine states and providing information centrally

EDUCATION4.0: Individual Learning

IIndividual Learning offers the opportunity to preview learning and instruction content before the actual or on-site experience at the machine.

  • Work through learning content at your own pace at home, on the go, or together in the classroom.
  • Remote learning option
  • Learning content is accessible from anywhere at any time.