4-path bed lathes: how to turn long components

Do you need to turn components 15 metres long with high precision? For the accuracy and efficiency of machining, it would be best if you could machine the workpieces in a single set-up?

In the production of individual parts and small batches of workpieces, lathes often have to be able to machine a wide range of components. Cycle lathes are often used for this purpose. However, many of them quickly reach their limits when it comes to long, large and complex components and complete machining.

This is no problem with the V90 and V110 4-path bed turning machines from WEILER. Our engineers have specially developed these cycle lathes to machine long, slim workpieces weighing up to 8 tonnes in just one clamping operation. For this purpose, the slide can travel over the fixed steady rests and the tailstock.

Numerous options such as additional C and Y axes, driven tools as well as drilling, milling, sawing and grinding components ensure the great flexibility of this exceptional cycle lathe.


Advantages of cycle control for 4-path bed turning machines:

Cycle lathes, which can be configured for a wide range of applications and quickly retooled, are the first choice as all-rounders for small series production and component repairs.

The WEILER control system, tried and tested in many thousands of cycle turning machines, ensures that you can machine all workpieces quickly, easily and efficiently:

  • Simple workpieces are produced in the same way as on a conventional machine, but more efficiently
  • Complex workpieces are produced in the same way as on a conventional machine, but faster
  • Complex workpieces are produced in the same way as on a CNC machine, but more simply


Where the 4-track bed lathes get their name from

The addition “4-path bed” for this type of cycle lathe is derived from the four guides along which the steady rest and slide are moved.

The designations V90 and V110 are derived from the values of the orbital diameters above the bed, which are 940 mm and 1,160 mm respectively.


Where 4-path bed lathes are used

4-path bed turning machines are used in many industries, wherever particularly long workpieces need to be turned very precisely.

Examples of applications are:

  • Drive shafts for ship propellers
  • Drilling rods for oil and gas extraction
  • Hydraulic cylinders for power generation, for example in power plants
  • Components for mechanical and plant engineering


Why the 4-path bed lathe is a cycle lathe

The easy-to-operate control of this cycle lathe ensures that complex individual parts and small batches can be programmed quickly and easily – even without extensive software knowledge.

The cycle control works according to a programmed sequence that is repeated in a specific cycle.

Six arguments in favour of the cycle lathe

  1. With the help of numerous cycles, which are automatically executed individually or in series, particularly short production times are possible when turning small series and workpiece variants.
  2. As each process in the cycle is precisely defined and controlled, cycle turning machines are very precise. This results in consistent quality of the machined parts.
  3. Comprehensive and powerful cycles for cutting and grooving, thread turning, rethreading and grinding, milling and drilling, including cycles for driven tools, are already pre-programmed.
  4. The user interface is intuitive and all settings can be quickly and easily adapted to the respective workpieces.
  5. The software is conveniently operated via a large, clear 15-inch screen.
  6. The powerful computer includes convenient data management with a tool memory for 200 tools, a repeat parts list, DXF file transfer, a USB interface and a network interface.


4-path bed lathes: Powerful and precise

The two versions V90 and V110 are available with swing diameters over bed of 940 mm and 1,160 mm and over flat of 590 mm and 810 mm.

  • The main spindle is available with spindle bores of 165, 262 or 362 mm and is driven via two gear stages with an output of 45/37 kW (60%/100% ED).
  • The main drive on the spindle achieves maximum torques of 8,300 to 11,400 Nm and feed forces of 20 kN.
  • Up to a centre distance of 6000 mm, the V90 and V110 have a longitudinal drive with precision ball screw and three-phase drive; the models with longer turning lengths have a rack and pinion drive with preloaded pinions and direct position measuring system.
  • The centre distances can be selected from 3000 to 15,000 mm at intervals of 1500 mm.
  • The heavy and torsion-resistant bed made of high-quality grey cast iron, roller guides for the bed slide and facing slide as well as hardened, precision-ground steel strips for the tailstock and steady rests ensure high precision during positioning and machining and high long-term accuracy.


Comprehensive accessories

A wide range of accessories ensures that 4-track bed lathes can be customised to individual requirements:

  • Drive-over steady rests in various designs – from manual to hydraulic, self-centring versions
  • Various face plates, numerous chucks and collets
  • Different tool systems, head and disc turrets for manual tools
  • Disc turret for driven tools as well as drilling, milling and grinding units
  • Additional, swivelling C-axis drive, for example for off-centre drilling and milling
  • Additional NC-controlled Y-axis for driven drilling and milling tools with speeds of up to 2,000 rpm
  • NC-controlled, travelling tailstocks with automatic clamping
  • Zero-point clamping system for various tool holders and quick changeover
  • LED workspace lighting
  • Fixed centre point

In addition to standard accessories, we are also happy to develop customised solutions for specific applications. Our aim is always to supply the customer with a highly productive machine that is customised precisely to their needs.