V 90

  • Four guideways along which the slides, tailstock and steady rest are moved.
  • Utmost positioning accuracy though precise, anti-friction bearings on a heavy-duty and torsion-resistant bed.
  • The tailstocks and steady rest are precisely guided on hardened and finely-ground steel rails that are screwed to the machine.
  • Straight-forward and precise change-over of various tooling systems ranging from tool turret, boring block and milling attachment through to a grinding unit on a heavy-duty quick-release plate.
  • Heavy-duty tailstock with integrated pressure indicator
  • Variety of easy-to-use steady rests that can be set from the front
  • All components of the machine are clearly arranged and easily accessible
  • Distance between centres 3.000 mm – 12.000 mm
  • Swing over bed 940 mm
  • Speed range of 1 to 1 – 900 rpm
  • Main drive with 45 kW drive power at 60% duty cycle
  • Spindle bore 165 mm, 262 mm or 362 mm
  • Maximum torque 10.000 Nm
  • Display unit with 15“ TFT screen
  • Ingenious, user-friendly WEILER graphical user interface
  • Operator panel together with all operating elements can be separately moved
  • LED machine lights
  • Increased machine accuracy to DIN 8606/ 8607
Working Range 
Centre height480 mm
Swing over bed940 mm
Swing over cross slide590 mm
Distance between centres3.000 – 12.000 mm
Spindle nose acc. to DIN 55027 (DIN ISO 702-3)size 15
Spindle bore165 mm*
Spindle diameter in front bearing235 mm
Drive power 60% / 100% duty cycle45/37 kW
Speed range1 – 900 min-1
Number of speedsstepless
Number of feedsstepless
Feed force longitudinal0,001 – 50 mm/turn
Feed force transverse0,001 – 50 mm/turn
Feed force longitudinal20.000 N
Feed force transverse20.000 N
Max. Feed range longitudinal and transverse10/5 m/min
Metric threads0,1 – 2.000 mm
Inch threads112 – 1/64 TPI
Quill diameter140 mm
Quill travel300 mm
Quill taper according to DIN 2286 MK
Acceptance AccuracyDIN 8606

Spindle bore on request: *262, 362 mm

The WEILER E-Series graphical user interface: simply smart!

Fast and simple communication between man and machine.

The smart user software developed by WEILER on the basis of the latest Siemens controller generation. It quickly and simply guides the operator to the finished workpiece – even without prior programming knowledge.

Three compelling arguments for your production:

  • Machine simple workpieces in the same way as with a conventional machine – only more efficiently
  • Machine elaborate workpieces in the same way as with a conventional machine only faster
  • Machine complex workpieces in the same way as with a CNC machine – only more simply

The advantages for you at a glance:

  • Clearly structured interface
  • 22” TFT screen with touch-sensitive membrane keyboard
  • Manual turning
  • Electronic turning against the stop
  • Taper turning throughout the complete machining area
  • Manual radius turning
  • Simple cycles
  • Smart cutting cycles with / without raw part contour
  • Powerful geometry processor
  • Grooving cycles / parting cycles
  • Macros for undercuts
  • Powerful thread cutting and drilling cycles
  • Thread re-cutting cycle
  • Cycles for driven tools
  • DIN ISO programming
  • DXF file import
  • Tool memory for 300 tools
  • Flow lists
  • Simulation
  • USB interface and network card
  • Teleservice

Also available with Siemens ShopTurn control.

  • Operator platform with removable anti-slip gratings
  • Movable sliding protective cover with scratch-resistant laminated safety glass window
  • Chip guard on rear side with electrically interlocked sliding doors
  • Chuck guard with electric monitoring
  • Rear chuck guard cover with electric monitoring
  • LED machining area light
  • Holding brake on the gearbox input shaft
  • Coolant device (30 l/min. at 3.5 bar)
  • Taper sleeve for main spindle MK6
  • Fixed centring tip MK6
  • Operating hours counter (with power ON)
  • Plug for lathe spindle
  • Set of operating keys