The powerful and robust servo-conventional precision lathe from WEILER. High quality, powerful and energy efficient. The precision lathe for high productivity applications in production, tool making, research institutes and repair workshops as well as in apprenticeships and vocational training..

High quality, energy-efficient, precise, and universally usable.

It impresses through:

  • State-of-the-art control and drive technology
  • 15“ touchscreen
  • Implementation of the latest user habits
  • Operation as with smartphones and tablet PCs
  • Extreme accuracy
  • Durability
  • User-friendly ergonomics
  • And an extensive range of accessories.
  • Distance between centers 1000 mm or 2000 mm
  • Swing over bed 570 mm
  • Strong main drive
  • Big spindle bore 83 mm
  • Stepless turning speed optimization during machining through a potentiometer (override)
  • Stepless feed optimization during machining through a potentiometer (override) Comprehensive and practice-oriented accessories
  • Positioning in the µ-range through electronic handwheels
  • Direct selection of simple cycles
  • Simple re-cutting of existing threads (repair)
  • Radii, tapers, undercuts, drilling, tapping and contour paths through simple data input
  • „e-TIM“ energy conservation system minimizes power consumption Machine
  • Accuracy according to DIN 8605
Working Range 
Centre height280 mm
Swing over bed570 mm
Swing over cross slide340 mm
Distance between centres 1.000 – 2.000 mm
Spindle nose acc. to DIN 55027 (DIN ISO 702-3)size 8
Spindle bore83 mm
Spindle diameter in front bearing120 mm
Drive power 60% / 100% duty cycle15/12 kW
Speed range1 – 2.500 rpm
Number of speedsstepless
Number of feedsstepless
Longitudinal 0,001 – 50 mm/turn
Transverse0,001 – 50 mm/turn
Feed force longitudinal12.000 N
Feed force transverse8.000 N
Max. Feed range longitudinal and transverse7/4 m/min
Metric threads0,1 – 1000 mm
Inch threads56 – 1/32 TIP
Quill diameter80 mm
Quill travel200 mm
Quill taper according to DIN 228MK 5
Acceptance AccuracyDIN 8605

WEILER Software C4 – faster, easier, more intuitive

User Software for precision servo engine lathes developed by Weiler on the basis of the latest Siemens Sinumerik one.

Manuel user interface for conventional lathe operations. Self-explanatory input screenst o simplify data output.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Clearly structured GUI
  • Implementation of the latest user habits with swiping and typing technology on a 15“ touchscreen
  • Constant cutting speed
  • Oriented spindle stop
  • Teach-in functions
  • Turning against stop
  • Taper turning throughout the complete machining area
  • Manual radius turning
  • Manual thread cutting
  • Thread cutting cycle for longitudinal, transverse and taper threads
  • Thread re-cutting cycle
  • Grooving cycle
  • Simple contour cycle
  • Drilling / tapping cycle
  • Contour finishing cycle
  • Simple bolt pattern cycle
  • Flow list
  • DIN/ISO-Programming
  • Tool memory for 50 tools
  • Data transfer via USB or network connection
  • Tool systems
  • Holding brake for lathe spindle
  • Three- and four-jaw chucks
  • Independent four-jaw chucks
  • Collet attachments
  • I.D. back stops
  • Follower rests
  • Steady rests