DA 260 AC

The high quality DA range of universal lathes are characterized by their solid and robust quality and ensure maximum safety and ease of use. They have been a gurantee for the highest precision in combination with high power performance in various applications for decades.

  • Centre height 260 mm
  • Distance between centres 1000 mm or 1500 mm
  • Lead screw and feed rod cover
  • Brake for main spindle
  • Toolmakers accuracy in accordance with DIN 8605
  • High power output and high torque at the main spindle
  • Frequency converter and speed potentiometer for stepless speed control
  • Digital speed indicator
  • Large thread cutting range
  • Easy operation
  • Digital readout (option)
  • LED machine lights
Centre height260 mm
Swing over bed535 mm
Swing over cross slide345 mm
Distance between centres1.000/1.500/2.000 mm
Spindle nose acc. to DIN 55027 (DIN ISO 702-3)size 6
Spindle bore71 mm
Spindle diameter in front bearing100 mm
Drive power 60% / 100% duty cycle– / 10,5 kW
Speed range20 – 2.500 rpm
Number of speedsstepless
Number of feeds55
Longitudinal0,072 – 2 mm/turn
Transverse0,036 – 1 mm/turn
Metric threads0,5 – 14 mm
Quill diameter65 mm
Quill travel120 mm
Quill taper according to DIN 228MK 4
Acceptance AccuracyDIN 8605

The Heidenhain ND 780 Position Display Unit

  • 3-axis display for bed, cross and top slides
  • Tool memory for 16 tools Tool memory with a datum for each axis
  • Sum key for Z und Zo
  • Switchable between inch and metric
  • X cross travel as radius or diameter display
  • Delta key “distance to go to zero“
  • Resolution up to 1 µ
  • “Hold“ the actual position
  • Taper calculator
  • Tool systems
  • Three and four jaw chucks
  • Face plates
  • Collet devices
  • Hollow spindle stops
  • Follower rests
  • Fixed steady rests
  • Coolant equipment
  • Moving chip and splash guards
  • Digital readouts