Working Range
Centre heightmm180
Swing over bedmm380
Swing over cross slidemm190
Distance between centresmm1,000
Main Spindle
Spindle nose acc. to DIN 55027 (DIN ISO 702-3)Gr.6
Spindle boremm56
Spindle diameter in front bearingmm90
Main Drive
Drive power 60% / 100% duty cyclekW- / 5,5
Speed rangemin-125 - 2.000
Number of speedsStepless
Feed Range
Number of feeds200
Longitudinalmm/rev0,022 - 0,8
Transversemm/rev0,011 - 0,4
Feed force longitudinalN-
Feed force transverseN-
Feed Range longitudinal and transversemm/rev-
Max. rapid traverse speed longitudinal/transversem/min.-
Thread Cutting Range
Metric threadsmm0,3 - 10
Quill diametermm60
Quill travelmm150
Quill taper according to DIN 228MK4
Acceptance Accuracy