Control of the CNC Lathe through Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl

With Siemens you are sure to have everything under control!
At WEILER only the best is good enough for our machines!
The Sinumerik 840D sl control with the latest Siemens “Operate” graphical user interface.
With the global player Siemens as our partner, we guarantee high performance and reliability together with ease of operation and maintenance.
The Sinumerik enables you to expertly control your complete machining process!
With the full support of the high resolution TFT screen (12.1“) and full-scale keyboard.
• Latest text editor with a wide variety of useful features
• Workshop-oriented technological cycles for turning, milling and drilling.
• Recognition of residual material and processing for contour pockets and cutting
• Powerful contour calculator for the input of the simplest to the most complex contours
• Extensive working step programming with ShopTurn
• Rapid inspection of part programs
  - Integral 2D simulation for turning and milling, 3D simulation
• Simultaneous recording of the current machining operation
  - Real-time simulation of the machining
• Access to external programs through network drives, USB and COM interfaces
• Assistance throughout the complete working process
  - Tool set-up
  - Workpiece set-up, programming, simulation and feeding-in
  - Process monitoring